5 Signs Your Eyes Telling that It's Time for an Eye Exam

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Human eye is a blessing and very beautiful creation of god to the body .It is one of the most important and delicate organ of the body . There are many people who don't have vision because of any defect or other issue and trust me you are very lucky that you have eyes to trace this beautiful world . Close your eyes for just 15 seconds while doing your daily routine work and you will also realize the importance of your eyes . So you should take proper care of this God 's fabrication. We should take care of our eyes and if any problem,irritation,or any eye related issue appear we should get a regular checkup.It's important to see your eye healthcare professional regularly to help avoid or reduce vision problems. So find a doctor nearby and consult immediately.Some of the signs your eyes telling you that its time for a checkup are:

1. Headaches 

If our eyes are strained to function properly due to bad vision we may experience headaches which may last for more than one day.In this situation we should immediately go for an eye exam.

2. Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity can develop where there is too brightly lit environment causing discomfort. This increased sensitivity of the eye to light can be a sure sign that it is time for an eye exam. 

3. Difficulty in Focusing 

The automatic focusing system in our eyes helps in adjusting the eye lens in order to see clearly at all distances. For example, just imagine you are sitting in your car, you look at red traffic light then suddenly look at the steering wheel then again at traffic light , you were able to see all things clearly because ,our eyes change focus rapidly to allow us to see things clearly at all distances. Difficulty in seeing or focusing on things is a sign for an eye exam.

4. Dry eyes

Dry eyes is a condition that occurs when your tears aren't able to provide adequate lubrication for your eyes.Dry eyes feel uncomfortable. Burning and stinging sensation , irritation in eyes are some common symptoms of dry eyes . Usual dryness of the eyes is also a sign of the need of an eye exam.

5. It Has Been a While Since Your Last Eye Exam

Doctors recommend for regular eye checkups at least once in a year therefore go for eye examination regularly and specially when you experience any of the symptoms above.

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