How Polarised sunglasses reduce glare

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Polarised or Polaroid sunglasses have been popular for years because of their reduced reflected glare. People use it for night driving, fishing, skiing, trekking, and many more due to its elimination of glare property. Let us know more about Polarized sunglasses.
What are polarised sunglasses?
Sunglasses with a special coating on the lens applied during manufacturing to reduce the glare are termed as Polarised sunglasses. The coating reorganizes light and blocks the glare from light.
What does polarised mean?
Polarization is the property of a material that restricts the vibrations of light wholly or partially to one direction.

How do polarised lenses work?

When light reflects from flat surfaces it creates a harmful or annoying intensity of light that results in glare and low visibility. This is due to polarization i.e. reflection of light in a more uniform direction.
Polarized lenses contain a special filter that blocks this type of intense reflected light, reducing glare which improves comfort and visibility.
This in turn eliminates glare and is most noticeable when on or near water as there is a great reduction in the brightness of shiny surfaces.
Polarized sunglasses are also amazing for reducing eye strain and great eye comfort which helps in enhancement of outdoor experiences.

Polarised vs non-Polarised sunglasses

We are not saying that non-polarized sunglasses do not protect your eyes; they definitely do. Non-polarized lenses have a dark shade and reduce the intensity of light, however, unlike polarized lenses, they cannot counter the effects of horizontal rays. These lenses do not take into account the direction in which light is coming therefore polarized sunglasses are more comfortable and give better visibility.

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