Side Effects Of Wearing Contact Lenses and How to Prevent Them.

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Isn't it amazing to get rid of your eyeglasses by wearing small contact lenses!! But do you know those contact lenses may have some dark side. Let's find them out ...

1.Dry Eyes

Contact lenses absorb most of the tears of our eyes to keep itself soft which reduces the quantity of tears on cornea. This lack of tears causes dry eyes which results in itchiness, redness and burning sensation in eyes.

2.Blockage of oxygen supply 

Good oxygen supply is most vital for our eyes but contact lenses lie directly on the eye and cover the entire cornea which acts as barrier to natural oxygen and reduces the amount of oxygen supply to eyes.

If contact lenses are not fitted properly fitted or fitted with dust it may scratch cornea and causes corneal abrasion.
Never sleep with contact lenses in because the risk of abrasion will increase. The lenses will trap particles like dirt or sand & rub against your cornea. 
These abrasions will create an opening for bacteria and virus to seep through and give birth to eye infections, which may end in loss of vision too.

 This is an open sore caused by bacteria, fungus, viruses or any other infection which is formed in the eye’s cornea. A corneal ulcer should be treated quickly or it may lead to permanent blindness.

5. Diminished Corneal reflex 

Contact lenses may cause diminished corneal reflex in the eyes. 
Corneal reflex is the reflex action performed by human brain to shut eyelids whenever needed like flying object coming towards eyes, etc. Whenever we wear contact lenses constantly we teach our body to ignore the natural corneal reflex.

6. Irritation when Combined with Medication, especially Birth Control Pill :

Concurrent use of contraceptive pills & contact lens together will result in chronic dry eyes and irritation. You will experience changes in the tear film, which primarily consists of three main layers which come together to protect, bathe & nourish the eye surface.
The combination of birth control pills & contact lenses will upset this balance in the tear film and cause excessive tearing, burning eyes & a gritty foreign body sensation in the eye. The restricted flow of oxygen to the eye will make the condition worst.


  • Ensure that you fit the contact lenses carefully and never sleep in them.
  • Keep usage of the lenses to a minimum and use glasses at home.
  • Use eye drops to lubricate them if suffering from dryness.
  • Avoid lenses if you are on pills.
  • Change contact lenses regularly as deposits will continue to build up on lenses over a period of time.
  • Go for routine eye checkups regularly to detects the problems if any.
  • Clean your contact lenses and case properly before wearing them.

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