Eye Strain : Definition, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

What is eye strain ?

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What is eye strain ?

Whenever we suffer from any eye irritation , eye pain or any disease we usually say that it might be eye strain but NO , Every eye problem is not eye strain but yes the problem caused may be because of eye strain .
Let us know actual meaning of eye strain.
Strain means pressure or force , so eyestrain is pressure on eyes. Giving it a perfect definition , Eye strain, also known as asthenopia is that condition when our eyes get tired because of continuous as well as intense use. The ciliary muscles and other six muscles of eyes that is extraocular muscles are strained. This is very common and can be seen very frequently in people. 

Anything which requires alot of visual focus and for a good duration may cause eyestrain like for example eye strain because of watching television for many of your daily hours , sitting infront of computer or a mobile screen also known as digital eye strain, reading a book for too long especially in low light conditions as dim light requires more focus on object to recognize it and there can be numerous routine examples which we can't even expect responsible for eyestrain like driving can also cause eyestrain and so on. 
I think now you are clear with actual meaning of eye strain .

Causes Of Eye Strain

Some of the causes of Eye Strain are :-

Not Wearing Spectacles  : There are many people who don't prefer wearing spectacles after getting any vision problem like most commonly myopia and hypermetropia due to which the force their eyes to focus to see clearly making eye's muscles fatigue leading to eyestrain which may further increase their eye problem.

Not having a good sleep : Yes this can also be one of the cause , Staying awake for 24 hours or more and working all time will definitely make your eyes tired again making them strained.
Frequent changes in spectacle lenses : Many people frequently change their lenses even though very minute scratches got developed  . New lens's focal point may differ from that of old one which forces eye muscles to re - adjust them which causes some strain. This adjustment again and again causes frequent strain in eyes . 
Intense visual task: The most common and basic cause of eye strain . Concentrating on anything visually , for example spending regular and lot of time in front of computer in office hours or looking on Black/White board continuously for hours etc.

How long does an eye strain lasts?

Every question doesn't have a single and precise answer. Eye strain duration varies from person to person . It may get fine in 2 -3 hours and may also take more than this . It depends on the condition of eyes and amount of fatigue and reason behind it. Putting eye drops may be beneficial in speeding heal in case of dry eyes .Getting sleep in case you are awake for too long. By wearing spectacles of correct power if you are having any of the vision problems.

Symptoms of EyeStrain

Eyestrain headaches: Forcing eyes will force muscles and nerves causing headaches. It is very commonly observed.

Burning sensation : A little redness , itching and burning sensation in eyes can also be felt.

Dry eyes : Shortage of tears which will make even uncomfortable.

Watery eyes : Production of excess of tears is observed.

Blurred vision : Person may get a blurred or even doubled vision too.

Increased sensitivity to light : Strange Irritation can be observed due to light present around.

Sore Eyes: A little heaviness, swelling, red eyes may be observed.

Treatment of Eye Strain

Eyestrain can be healed only with the passage of time. It generally takes around 2-3 hours or in some it may be more. Just stop forcing your eyes, give some rest to them and get some sleep. However putting drops can also be beneficial in speeding up heal especially in case of dry eyes caused by eye strain . Still if you are facing the problem , rush to your doctor nearby as your eyes is one of the most important and sensitive organ of the body as maybe the problem you are facing is not eye strain but anything else therefore approaching doctor is very important.

Are there any eyestrain exercises to cure it ?

The answer is no ..Certain exercises are theoretically introduced to relax muscles
but in real it is not much effective , the best way to rest and relax eyes is to close them .

 Prevention of Eye Strain

Some home remedies or preventions are listed below :-

Blinking your eyes : Blinking your eyes frequently will maintain moisture in it and will refresh them which will not strain eyes' muscles . Many people blink their eyes very less especially  digitally eye strained people as they may be busy in their work/games so they should make blinking a habit . Even book readers are also not of habit of blinking eyes ,they should also make it.

Take breaks: Yes work is important but more is health . Continuous intense eye work will strain them so keep taking breaks in between.

Lighting conditions: Adjust lighting conditions around you . For example don't read books in dim light ,it makes eyes to put more focus further straining them whereas on the other hand too bright like in digital screen can also strain your eyes so adjusting them is also very important. Moreover the source of light should also not be just above and in front of your eyes while doing your task like reading or anything else , eyes can be strained by its glare directly entering the eyes.

Air around you : Go out take some break get some fresh oxygen to your body as well as eyes it also may reduce the strain and relax eyes' muscles.

Eyewear: Choose right eye wear for yourself .

Adjusting screen settings : Digital eye strain is usually caused by poor screen settings . You must check them before sitting in front of your screen .The font should not be too small that it becomes difficult to recognize them as this will strain eyes and brightness of screen should also not be very bright or very dim for eyes .The main idea behind this is eye should not face any difficulty in recognizing the screen .Keep them in comfort zone.

Limit screen time: Nowadays in modern era everyone is busy watching TV or sitting in front of their mobile screens and laptops for very long hours, we should limit it and also take care of your health.

Use Eye drops : These will lubricate your eyes and may give some rest to the muscles.

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